Kalkan Hafen


are not easy to create. Especially the sailing area around Fethiye is spoilt for choice with its rich variety of beautiful bays.
Each skipper, each crew member, has his own favourite Bay, enjoys in a different way the diverse impressions of the enchanting surroundings.
We want to point out here only some of many possibilities how you can arrange your own cruise. But these can be just examples from which you  make your perfect choice individually.

Just use the possibilities of the medium Internet, to inform yourself about your planned route in advance. „Google Earth” or  „Google Maps” is extremely well suited for this purpose. Look at the photos showing many destinations, bays, locations, etc.
After that, you have the possibilty to explore conveniently our Proposal A "One Week Fethiye Bay" beforehand just in front of your PC. However, Google Earth is also suitable for our Proposal B. Just try and click on the map below and look at what happens.

But also the pages of http://www.openseamap.org are very good to inform in advance about planned routes and destinations.

Proposal A - Gulf of Fethiye

You want to go swimming and relax, but at the same time you do not want to abandon sailing in a good wind in a safe area?

Our Tip: Stay in the Gulf of Fethiye / Gulf of Göcek.

Especially if you are travelling with children or inexperienced sailors, you will appreciate this as far as possible safe and closed in on itself sailing area.
You get up in the morning, go swimming, have a cosy breakfast and leaned back you are waiting for the rising winds (usually around noon). Now, you can sail according to your whim in an area entirely seperated from the opposite open sea. Explore the countless bays and stop wherever you like.
Supply of provisions is ensured optimally by the near city of Fethiye.
Make a first attempt and sail as the wind blows and not as it is determined by the routes on the map or your cruise planning.
By the way: This tip also applies to longer cruises! An excursion to Olü Deniz or Marmaris can be  integrated easily.
You can have a certainly not complete view over the countless bays in Google Earth by the following link.

Proposal B – One week towards West (120 nm)
please click on the map in Google Earth


1st day Sunday Departure from Fethiye, free sailing in the Gulf, at noon visiting a bay for bathing in the Gulf of Göcek, in the afternoon sailing , overnight stay in one of the numerous bays.
2nd day Monday Sailing from the Gulf of Fethiye towards Marmaris. Just behind the plateau of Dalaman there is the "Köycegiz Limani" and in its northernmost region  the "Ekincik bay" N36 °49.7 E28°33.1.
In "Köyegziz Limani" you can find some beautiful bays for anchoring at the backboard side just after entering. In the northernmost part you can anchor on free-swings, In bays for anchoring you have to moore your boat with lines at the shore.
In the bay of Ekinzik there are offered half-day and day trips into the Dalyan Delta. This opportunity for new impressions you should not miss.
3rd day
You leave the bay of Ekinzik in southern or south-western direction and head towards Marmaris. Before you arrive in the bay of Marmaris, you pass the bays of "Karthikeyan Bükü" N36 ° 45.0E28°16.5 and "Turunc Koyu" N36°46.4E28 ° 15.05 offering you the opportunity for extensive bathing.
Arriving in Marmaris the Netsel Marina is recommendable for an overnight stay because of its vicinity to the city centre.
4th day
Fun sailing in the area of Marmaris. Enjoy the day for extensive bathing or just sail freely according to your whim.
Recommendable for an overnight stay is the area "Ciftlik Koyu" N36°43.0 E28°14.5 and within this region especially "INCE Adasi" (also "Kriek INCE") N36°42.3 E28 °13.7. Sometimes there are heavy downward gusts, but the bay is well protected and offers a very lovely surrounding also being suitable for a nice country walk.
5th day
Back towards Fethiye. As sailing this stage do last slightly longer, it is advisable to start early. Normally, there is little wind in the first few hours. However, you avoid quite unpleasant side waves occasionally occurring on the last nautical miles before reaching Fethiye in late afternoon. The waves are caused by the wind usually changing from east or south-east towards south and south-west at that time.
Back in the Gulf of Fethiye, or Gulf of Göcek, one more time you select one of the numerous bays for a carefree night.
6th day
Enjoy the last day of your cruise. Extensive swimming and sailing between Fethiye and Göcek. After arriving at the Ece Saray Marina in Fethiye at 17:00 and checking-out, you will have enough time for an abundant shopping at the Bazaar and a farewell dinner at the fish market or in one of the numerous restaurants.
Those, who want to spend the last evening close to their yacht, are served optimally by "Carpe Diem", the restaurant in the marina.

Proposal C- One week towards East (192 nm)
please click on the map in Google Earth
eine Woche oestlich

Proposal C requires check-in on Saturday as early as that departure is still possible on the same day. If not, you should omit one day destination.  Many of them are listed on the route. If you want to visit them all, it would become a very tight program. Remember: you are on holiday, less is sometimes more, and you have the choice to just come back again.

1st day - Saturday Departure from Fethiye. The first stage reaches into the area of "Karacaören Adasi" N36 32.5 E29 03.4, "Gemiler Adasi" N36 33.35 E29 04.2, "Bestas Limani" N36 33.77 E29 05.05 or Turkey's famous postcard picture "Ölü Deniz" N36 32.7 E29 07.0. Boating in the bay of Ölü Deniz itself is prohibited. In case of calm weather you can anchor off the long beach or at N36 32.8 E29 6.65. But the latter coordinates are usually crowded with excursion boats. The first three bays are well-suited for an overnight stay. Within this area your boat is safe especially in the vivid “Gemiler Adasi”.  Here you can go swimming and if you want to you can dine in the nearby restaurant.
2nd day - Sunday On Sunday, the trip continues towards south-east. Before you arrive at "Kalkan" N36 15.7 E29 24.85 you can stop off for bathing in the adjacent slightly dull "Yesilköy Limani" N36 15.65 E29 22.3. Kalkan itself is a narrow and small town port being overcrowded during the season. Here there is constantly a mess of anchors getting entangled. Nevertheless, this port has a special charm you can discover best on the rooftop of the countless restaurants in the second row.
3rd day - Monday "Welcome back to Europe". That is the way hosts on the quay wall of the small port on the Eastern Greek island "Kastellorizon" N36 09.1 E29 35.38 sometimes welcome sailors and invite them for a welcome drink when taking the stern lines of the boat. Of course, in return you are expected to have dinner in their restaurants. In the evening the narrow Quay Street changes into a large "open air" restaurant. Select the nicest one. On the way from Kalkan to Kastellorizon you again can stop off for bathing at the small island "Nisis Ro" N36 09.25 E29 30.13 also belonging to Greece.
Provided that you have a good level of fitness, climbing up the white stairs being visible from afar is very worthwile. You will be compensated for your efforts with a magnificent panoramic view.

Ask for the latest clearing in and out regulations before starting your trip.

4th day - Tuesday The next destinations "Kaleücagiz" N36 11.8 E29 50.83, "Kale (Castle anchorage)" N36 11.4 E29 51.7, "Gökkaya Limani"  N36 12.58 E29 53.62 or "Karaloz" N36 11.0 E29 53.35 offer something for everyone's taste. Kaleücagiz is located in a well protected bay. However, the water is murky here. Kale located at the foot of the castle visible from far away is a popular rustic destination for excursions. In Kaleücagiz and Kale you can land alongside on the piers of the restaurants. In case you dine there, sometimes water and electricity are free of charge. No matter which of the restaurants you select, of course, all of them advertise, that far and wide the best food is only served particularly in their restaurant. Another restaurant is also supposed to be in the Gökkaya Limani. Here it is quieter. It is even more tranquil in the Karaloz Bay (in case your boat is not located right next to a gulet). Not a single house or landing pier, no cell phone reception, sometimes you only hear some goat bells.
5th day - Wednesday On the way to the next destination "Kas" N36 11.900 E29 38.48, you can stop off in the bay "Bayindir Limani" N36 10.8 E29 38.7. Kas and Kalkan are very similar: small, loud, vivid and in midsummer very hot, but despite of this they are really worth visiting.
In Kas you can either moor in the port of Kas, or, alternatively, in the new marina. A walk to the town centre takes about 10 minutes.
6th day - Thursday Back towards Fethiye. You either return to the bays you visited at first in the area of Ölü Deniz or you even sail into the Bay of Fethiye, e.g. into the “Anchor Bay” N36 37.2 E28 52.2 or "Spring Bay” N36 41.8 E28 52.0. In any case you should start in the morning as early as possible for the last major stage. Thus, you avoid that you potentially have to sail a longer distance against waves.
7th day - Friday Just as mentioned above in proposal B: enjoy the last day of your cruise. It is time for extensive swimming and sailing between Fethiye and Göcek. After arriving at the Ece Saray Marina in Fethiye at 17:00 clock and checking-out, you have enough time for abundant shopping in the bazaar and a delicous farewell dinner at the fish market or in one of the numerous restaurants.